About the idea

The rise of Crypto-currency allows fund raising for unconventional or risque ideas to come to life. Suddenly the social requirements (ban on investing into adult entertain industries) and restrictions that were blocking many entrepreneurs are not important.
Now people with an idea and determination can create something new, something different.

  • Imagine ...

    being in an unfamiliar city and still having access to the hottest parties.

  • Just think of ...

    the joy of starting a weekend with the craziest sex party in your life.

  • Did you realize that ...

    you can have easy access to the best roulette, poker or Blackjack games?

This is the vision we want you to live in.
This is the application we want you to have.

  • Simple - based on existing patterns that people know and love.
  • Secure - you will see reviews from previous customers.
  • Safe - payments are sent through secure encrypted servers and only authorised after you confirm.

From user perspective

It’s a miserable wet day. The airport was boring as usual, the flight was packed and the traffic into the city was nose to tail. You’ve had eight hours of travel hell. You need to relax, unwind and find something to make all that time worthwhile.
You get to your phone, open privateParty and start swiping looking for something, that special something, or someone. Maybe a few spins of the roulette wheel, a little bit of action. You know there’s a game on somewhere and privateParty gets you in.

privateParty app will allow you to search for adult events close to you based on your preferences, desires and distance. You will be provided with a searchable list of all the parties, games and companies available that evening or some other day

It’s easy to request access and it’s even easier to review the event.

FROM service provider perspective

It’s been one of these days. Work was boring, the commute was too long and never seem to have enough to show for it. Fast look at the screen of your phone displaying your bank account balance and the mood is gone. It’s time for a change, you love to socialise - life and soul of the party everyone says.
So why not host your own and have people paying to be there.
But how? privatePartyHost allows you to monetise your partying, increase your player numbers and find safe verified new clients.

privatePartyHost app will allow you to enter the world of adult entertaining with ease. You are one app away from becoming your own boss.

With the simple step-by-step wizard you will be able to create your one-time or always available events and advertise all the details of what you are offering.

When someone is interested in going to your event, using your service - you will receive a popup notification, with tap you can see customer information and rating, and then accept or decline their request

Main assumptions and ideas

In short:

privateParty is the travel enhancement tool for those who often find themselves in a strange city or those who want to try something new while somewhere familiar. Whether it’s poker in Paris, roulette in Rome or seduction in Stockholm privateParty can make your next trip much more interesting.

General responsibilities

We will be responsible for booking time slots and transferring funds from one to another. We are not taking responsibility for what will happen on the meeting - you will however be able to leave a summary for the user/service provider perspective.

Coin usage

We will use the pPcoin similar to the way shares are used - every owner of those will be entitled to receive proportional yearly dividends. The detailed logic hidden behind this description, as well as promotion paths and investors bonuses will be described in the whitepaper.

Internal payments (between clients and service providers)

Credit card - the most widely used way of payment that is used all around in the adult industry. We will hold a partnership with one of the banks that hold virtual anonymous visa gift cards and recommend those - this will be an additional profit point.

Cryptocurrency- for those requiring higher level of anonymity we will allow cryptocurrency payments.

Remuneration for the providers

Wire transfer - mainly for providers as a way of getting funds out of the website in a way that gives them ability to easily avoid taxes in countries where adult industry is not taxed.

Cryptocurrency - for providers who don’t want anyone to know what they are doing - this is an easy way of getting paid completely anonymous. After that they can use the funds in any way that will provide them anonymity.


The whitepaper will be revealed soon.
Stay tuned.


The whitepaper will be revealed soon.
Stay tuned.


We are a team of 5 individuals willing to invest our free time and resources into this idea.

We have spent months planning, reviewing and searching for information, there are still things to be resolved, but we believe we are ready to start creating this.
The team is an experienced group with typically over a decade in IT. The team contains all the skills needed to get this project off the ground. Additional personnel will be needed as this progresses.